Ruger Old Vaquero, Single Six, New Model Blackhawk, Old Army Bear Paw Solid Rosewood

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Hand Selected Exotic Solid Rosewood with a stunning fine Diamond Checkering and Bear Paw design on each grip panel.

Comfortable Fit

These grips will Fit:

The OLD model grips will fit Ruger Revolvers built on XR3-RED frame or XRN-3RED frame including:

Ruger OLD Vaquero --- If your revolver has a 2-digit serial number prefix (i.e., 55-xxxxx).

New Model Ruger Blackhawks --- Exception: will NOT fit the “Flattop” Blackhawk.

All “Old Model” (three-screw) Ruger Blackhawks.  These will fit all “Old Model” 3-screw Blackhawks, except for revolvers made before 1963.  It says “Blackhawk” on the side of the frame. 

Super Single Six, Single Seven, Single Nine, Single Ten, Old Army, 

Single Six -- [except for revolvers made before 1963]. 

 Super Blackhawks with a Round Trigger Guard.

Minor fitting may be required depending on your grip frame.

Grip Screw Included.


They Will NOT FIT These Models:

New Model Vaquero - New Model has a serial number with a 3-digit prefix (for example, 512-xxxxx); 50th Anniversary Blackhawk; The Super Blackhawk with the Square Trigger Guard; The Super Blackhawk Hunter Edition with the 7 1/2" barrel; Bisley; Montado; Bird's Head Vaquero.